Who are they?

Survival of the crafty?
Quick wits and tricks rule for these cute animal friends living together in a little green hill

This is not about all nice intentions and good deeds. As there is their own rule of survival even among kindergarteners, there are rivalries, quarrels, jealousy, and the reality of the survival of the fittest in Sunny Land. Each episode depicting the reality of relationships instead of idealization will present viewers with different kinds of amusement. The friends in Sunny Land are going to experience the same conflicts and rivalries our kids have in their real lives, but in a more exaggerated, funny, and various settings.

Sunny Land, the home for DoongDoong and his friends, seems to be not much different from ordinary forests. But there happen miraculous events so naturally like a flower blooms on a dead tree. A fish walks on land and a lion floats up with its mane inflated with air. But these things happen so naturally that no one in Sunny Land regard them as miracles or mysteries. DoongDoong and friends don’t ask why but just enjoy the moments. That’s the Sunny Land !!!

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